Dr. Jacqueline Schiappa is a Postdoctoral Writing Fellow at Macalester College's Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching. She completed her PhD in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota. 

Jacqueline teaches introductory, advanced undergraduate, and graduate courses across disciplines in the humanities, primarily teaching courses in Communication, Rhetoric, and Writing with focuses on civic agency in public life. She has earned several competitive teaching awards and research-based fellowships in an R1 academic setting, and regularly contributes to Writing curriculum development and training projects. 

Her forthcoming (2017) book chapter advocates "active" intersectional approaches to social movement organizing and activism. Schiappa's previous scholarly publications address intersectionality in the Slutwalk movement (2015), and the impact of multimodal hashtag campaigns in the networked counterpublic known as Black Twitter (2014).

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