During 2013 and 2014, through my involvement with Stevens Square Community Organization (one of the longest running community organizations in the Twin Cities), I served as the Social Media Manager for the Red Hot Art & Music Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The festival provides an art space for thousands of festival goers and strives to be accessible, affordable and build community through the arts. I helped grow Red Hot Art's social media presence by over 200% on both Twitter and Facebook. 

For several years I served as an educational panel ally for OutYouth, a local drop-in center for LGBTQIA* youth in Austin, Texas. I primarily traveled with an educational panel comprised of diverse members, meeting with hostile student populations in local schools to mediate conflict and promote tolerance. Additionally the panel visited college classes and parent groups to educate about LGBTQIA* experiences. OutYouth also offers groovy "Queer Prom" for local high school students each year.

I completed a wonderful internship at Texas Campaign for the Environment during an initiative to reduce electronic waste. My work included strategically revising external documents and presentations, observing door-to-door campaign volunteers, and assisting meetings with environmental policy advisors at the Texas State Capital. 

In an effort to feel closer to my local community I began playing chess in public with strangers. The process? I select a public space, assemble my chess set, and display a plain paper sign inviting anyone, at any skill level, to play. The experience is relentlessly surprising, humbling, entertaining, challenging and social. The Stranger Chess project was also published by MPLS Zine in The Social Issue.